Improving the Internet

This is the first episode of the rebooted Compucast podcast organised and ran by PhD students from the University of Edinburgh. The feature of this episode is an interview with Professor Doug Leith from Trinity College Dublin, who talks about… Continue Reading

Robots Need Feelings

Past, present and future of the robotics and the challenges involved is the topic of Ram’s interview with Wyatt Newman. In the second feature of this episode, Hugh talks to Luca Bortolussi about systems biology and in particular, how computer science techniques can be applied in biology. Continue Reading

Robot! You Decide.

This month, Tobias, our new crew member, talks to Hans Vandierendonck about his framework for multicore parallel programming. Also, Hugh talks to Professor Austin Tate about AI planning, i.e. how artificial intelligence can be used for finding plans in situations… Continue Reading

Semantics, Semantics, Semantics

Yes! Compucast is resurrected. In this episode, Alex interviews Vijay about memory consistency in parallel architectures and Hugh, in his second try to understand formal semantics, talks to Ohad about operational semantics. It is a shame that Edd did not… Continue Reading

Better late than never

This episode we’ve got a great feature in which Stephen Clark tells Iain all about linguistic stegnaography. We’ll also be returning to our good old oddity corner where Iain Murray will be explaining the basics (and more) of error-correcting codes… Continue Reading

Speaking formally

This episode we’ve got two great features about software foundations. Hugh speaks to David Harel about State Charts and a biological Turing Test. And, as if you couldn’t get enough of Hugh, he speaks to Sam Lindley to get a… Continue Reading

Spring is in the air

This episode we’ve got two great features for you. Laurence Tratt talks about domain specific languages and Thomas Wenisch discusses energy efficient data centers. Edd fails miserably in the quiz and has to listen to a terrible joke from Alex… Continue Reading

Putting the Bits Together

How is the world trying to build faster and faster routers that enable you to download at higher rates? That’s the question that Hugh picks in his interview with Gordon Brebner. They talk about many interesting topics, like, how FPGAs… Continue Reading